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ICVS-A (Advanced Studies in Financial Instruments) - The only professional certification in the world to address the current complex financial and valuation issues

The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists, in conjunction with the Center for International Business Valuation, has added an advanced level to the ICVS credential; valuators can now earn the ICVS with Advanced Studies in Financial Instruments (ICVS-A). The curriculum for the ICVS-A, which focuses on fair value concepts, was developed by Dr. Joel M. DiCicco, CPA, BCA, ICVS, a full-time member of the Executive Business and School of Accounting faculty at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business
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We are pleased to offer the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) examination prep course. The 100,000-member Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is the organization that prepares the CMA examination. The IMA has recently changed the examination slightly for the year 2020 to incorporate more technology-oriented questions. These changes have already been built into this training program.
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Our “Master Certificate in IFRS Planning, Implementation, and Support” (MC-IFRS-PISTM) is designed to help organizations and countries train their employees on the use and implementation of IFRS in different capacities in preparation for this conversion. This Master Certificate covers three different courses, namely: (a) Certified IFRS Analyst TM (b) Certified IFRS Practitioner TM (c) Certified IFRS Consultant/Architect TM Each section awards its own designation and is targeted to specific groups of professionals based on their roles in the implementation process. Course participants that complete all three sections will receive the “Master Certificate in IFRS Planning, Implementation, and Support” (MC-IFRS-PISTM). A brief description and requirements for the Certified IFRS Analyst TM is listed below
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Our Success Stories

The ICVS-Advanced training provided by the Center and IACVA gave me the opportunity to update my business valuation skills with advanced studies in financial instruments. This certification has enabled me to be competitive in my area of expertise.

Philippe Dubois, MSF, ICVS-A

Managing Director, PSK Capital

The training is delivered by Dr. Joel, who developed the program, helped me understand the complex nature of financial data, and their relationship and dependencies to make an informed decision. I highly recommend this training not only for business valuation professionals but also for anyone involved in accounting, auditing, consulting, and investment.

Uliana Filatova, ICVS-A

PhD Students and Financial Advisor


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