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CfIBV is a global think tank dedicated to both the science and the art of business valuation

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Helps valuation professionals make  informed decision through research and data analysis


The Center provides relevant, advanced continuing education opportunities to professionals working in the field of business valuation

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The Center organizes annual conferences, bi-monthly webinars, periodic discussion sessions, and valuation community practice sessions


The Center conducts valuation engagements, valuation reviews, and due diligence analysis, forensic engagements, financial management advisement

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The Center also provides project and program management support to small and large valuation projects

Is the World Ready for Another Financial Meltdown?

In the world of accounting and valuation, much consternation exists among CPAs, Government Auditors, Financial Analysts, and Credentialed Valuators regarding the
determination of the fair value of financial instruments. Both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) have identified the fair value reporting of financial instruments as
one of the top priorities needing improvements. Most prominent among the reasons given for the failures to accurately determine the values of these financial constructs is the complexity of these instruments, which are steadily increasing as a result of enhanced computing capabilities

The Need for Uniformed Standards in Valuing Financial Instruments

According to Alok Mahajan, Principal, Valuation & Business Modeling Services, KPMG US, financial reporting requirements related to complex financial instruments have continued to increase along with regulatory scrutiny on valuation-related conclusions.

The Center recognizes the need for training of these complex, financial instruments.  The valuation of these instruments has implications in accounting, taxation, and valuation.  The training, which is consistently updated for new instruments, will consist of the following valuation topics:

  • Fair Value Accounting.
  • Equity instruments such as common stock, preferred, warrants, options and employee compensation.
  • Debt instruments such as bonds and hybrids.
  • Securitizations along with the many yield calculations and duration/ convexity metrics
  • Derivative contracts such as forwards, futures, swaps, and exotic options. This will cover all the various types of instruments within each class of derivatives.
  • Structured products.



According to KPMG, below are some of the regulatory issues that require valuations.  We, at the Center, conduct training in these and other financial instrument valuation areas.


WE ARE READY! Through our "International Certified Valuation Specialist with Advanced Financial Instruements (ICVS-A) training we are ready to:


  • Apply accounting standards for fair value and understand the history behind the fair value movment 
  • Ascertain the purpose behind the issuance and usage of complex derivative products
  • Employ the current valuation techniques for these financial products.

Topics Covered:

  •  The three valuation approaches
  • Fair value accounting and disclosure requirements
  • Fair value methodologies and techniques for valuing financial instruments (equities, debt, securitized instruments, and derivatives)
  • Python programming language using advanced financial libraries developed by the Center experts


Message from the Center's co-Founder

Watch Message from Dr. Joel DiCicco, the  co-founder and principal consultant for the Center

Meet our Team Members

The Center’s leadership team and subject matter experts (SME) have extensive experience in managing projects, programs, and portfolios both in the private and public sectors. The faculty for ICVS-A have passed the certification exam and exhibited experience performing valuation assignment on complex financial projects

Dr, Joel M. DiCIcco, CPA, ICVS-A

Co-founder and Managing DIrector

Dr. Dereje Tessema

Dr. Dereje Tessema

Co-founder and Managing Director

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