The Center for International Business Valuation (CfIBV)

Vision – Mission – Approach

The Center is founded on the vision of supporting the business valuation community


To facilitate the creation, dissemination, use, and preservation of business valuation knowledge, tools, and techniques.


To serve as an authoritative source for business valuation professionals around the world.


To provide standards, professional development training/certification, and consultancy services to valuation professionals founded by ethical standards, social responsibilities, and industry best practices.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The Center has commenced the launch of a 3-phase strategic plan

Phase 1 is to provide relevant, advanced continuing education opportunities to professionals working in the field of business valuation. Presently, the Center has three on-demand distance education courses available: Certified International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Analyst, International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS), and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). A fourth course is being introduced to prepare already credentialed business valuators with advanced knowledge of valuing financial instruments in preparation for the ICVS with Advanced Studies in Financial Instruments (ICVS-A) exam

Phase 2 is to provide business valuation professionals with new tools to further the quality and reliability of their work. The creation of a due diligence platform for business valuators is nearing the beta testing stage and is also scheduled to be released at the end of 2020. The initial version will quantifiably evaluate the quality of valuation reports. Additional capabilities, such as the valuation of financial instruments, will be added in later versions

Phase 3 is to create a global think tank dedicated to both the science and the art of business valuation. Cognizant of the fact that business valuation differs in various economies and geographical regions, and that it is dependent on factors such as the size and purpose of the business, mobilizing the efforts of professionals in the discipline to research and validate the use of emerging valuation tools and techniques in a myriad of contexts is important. This requires a multi-faceted approach by research groups from a cross-section of countries. In phase 3, the Center will spearhead research efforts and also provide the means for remote collaboration

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